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2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball

Join in the celebration of the NBA's outstanding 2003-04 Rookie Class with Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives Basketball!

2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball: 30 Regular Player cards and 30 Rookie cards issued March 11, 2004. Six cards inserted per Hobby pack. Inserts include Gold Exclusives Parallels (sequentially numbered to 100), Regular Player Card Variations (inserted 1:12 packs), Super Variations (numbered to 10), Rookie Exclusives Autograph Parallels (inserted 1:28 Hobby packs), Rookie Exclusives Jersey Parallels (Inserted 1:28 Hobby Packs) and Superstar Exclusives (numbered to 100).

The 2003-04 NBA rookie class has proven to be an incredible group of players. Led by LeBron James of Cleveland and Carmelo Anthony of Denver, the rooks have grabbed headlines all season long. Upper Deck pays a special tribute to these youngsters with an exciting new product release, 2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball.

"Without a doubt, rookies have dominated in the NBA this season, especially with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony leading their teams back into playoff contention," said Karvin Cheung, Upper Deck Basketball Product Manager. "With Rookie Exclusives Basketball, we wanted to showcase the phenomenal efforts of the 2003-04 rookie class and make it readily available for collectors to get cards of these standouts."

Indeed, from the regular RC's to valuable autograph and jersey parallels, the NBA's top first-year players are well-represented in 2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball. Better yet, the big-name veteran superstars are all here, too, giving this product championship chemistry!

Collectors will love the inserts in 2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball, which is comprised of a creative array of autographed, memorabilia and numbered parallels, variations and one traditional, limited edition superstar insert set!

The assortment of inserts starts with the Rookie Exclusives Autograph and Jersey parallel cards. Together they comprise one parallel level of the regular set and its variation cards, and the parallel for any one player is either a memorabilia card or autograph card. When you know that each parallel type is delivered one per box on average and stars like Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tracy McGrady populate the regular set checklist, you can't help but get excited!

Next up are the Regular Player/Rookie Card Variations. Inserted 1:12 Hobby packs, these cards provide a new twist to card collecting. Look closely and you'll discover the differences between these cards and their counterparts sharing the same card number in the regular set. Super Variations take you to another level by modifying cards in the regular set and adding limited edition numbering to 10!

The Gold Exclusives parallels offer additional value, as gold versions of cards in the regular set are numbered to 100 and randomly inserted. Finally, the Superstar Exclusives spotlight 100 of the game's top talents and, fittingly, have sequential numbering to 100.

The 2003-04 NBA rookie class has definitely distinguished itself as a top-notch. Upper Deck's 2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball is about to follow their lead.

Upper Deck's 2003-04 Rookie Exclusives Basketball hits stores this month with a suggested price of $2.99 per pack. The complete list of special inserts and subsets follow below:


Rookie Exclusives Autograph Parallels (inserted 1:28 Hobby packs) – These are autographed versions of regular player cards and variations, featuring top stars and rookies like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

Rookie Exclusives Jersey Parallels (inserted 1:28 Hobby packs) – This insert set paralleling the regular set and variations are highlighted by jersey swatches from the featured players. The roster for this insert includes top rookies like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade as well as superstars like Allen Iverson and Shaquille O'Neal.

Regular Player/Rookie Variations (inserted 1:12 Hobby packs) – Adding variety to this product are variation cards within the regular set! Collectors can expect two to three per box, on average, so look closely for them!

Super Variations (sequentially numbered to 10) – Find ultra-limited regular set variations!

Gold Exclusives (sequentially numbered to 100) – These gold parallels of the regular set are sure to get you excited!

Superstar Exclusives (sequentially numbered to 100) – This limited edition insert set pays tribute to 100 of the game's brightest stars, from first-year phenoms LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to established veterans like Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan.

Regular Player cards – Featuring Upper Deck's renowned photos plus stats and other interesting information for 30 NBA players.

Rookie cards – Upper Deck salutes an amazing rookie class with these outstanding RC's!

Source: The Upper Deck Co, LLC
Date: March 18, 2004

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