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MLBTM ShowdownTM 2004 Sports Card Game Marks 5th Year With Fresh Look, New Stats And Players

Become the "manager of the year" with 2004 MLBTM ShowdownTM sports cards game! New and existing fans alike will enjoy the total baseball experience with the newly designed card game developed by the trading card game experts at Wizards of the Coast Inc. (NYSE:HAS). MLBTM SHOWDOWN, the first sports card game, is celebrating its fifth year with new card designs, a graphically-enhanced playmat and scorecard. The 2004 MLBTM SHOWDOWN sports card game, featuring the most up-to-date player statistics available, will be available in hobby and other select stores nationwide beginning March 26, just in time for MLBTM's opening day.

Officially licensed by Major League Baseball PropertiesTM and the MLB Players AssociationTM, MLBTM SHOWDOWN is a homerun with first-time players and will give previous players an opportunity to augment their MLBTM SHOWDOWN collection. The new 2004 MLBTM SHOWDOWN sports card game features current MLBTM players, including Curt Schilling, Ichiro, Nomar Garciaparra, Albert Pujols, Pedro Martinez, Hideki Matsui and many, many other fan-favorites, with up-to-date stats for the 2004 season that provide a true-to-baseball experience. Players get to build and become managers of their own MLBTM team. Strong game play for MLBTM SHOWDOWN 2004 continues allowing compatibility with cards from 2002 and 2003.

"MLBTM SHOWDOWN sports card game allows players to enjoy a true-to-baseball experience," said Debbie Nihart, MLBTM SHOWDOWN Brand Manager. "The game puts baseball fans in control of their favorite baseball heroes and challenges them to use their sports knowledge to compete, collect, and trade."

MLBTM SHOWDOWN 2004 is the largest set of the year with 348 cards, 50 new strategy cards which include 25 new ones, and updated statistics. The two-player starter set (MSRP $9.99) comes with everything needed to field a team and get a head-to-head game going in minutes. The starter set includes two 15-card ready-to-play decks featuring 2 foil cards plus 4 strategy cards, a newly redesigned playmat, scorecard, rulebook and a twenty-sided die. Eleven-card booster packs (MSRP $3.49) that include eight player cards, three strategy cards, and checklist card are also available as well as Draft Packs, (MSRP$9.99) which include 15 player cards which include one foil card, 45 strategy cards, Tournament Play instructions, and a scorecard. For more information about MLBTM SHOWDOWN sports card game and organized play opportunities, please visit

Source: Wizards of the Coast Inc.
Date: March 19, 2004

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