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2004 Exquisite Collection Basketball

Upper Deck Launches Industry First $500 Per Pack Product With 2004 Exquisite Collection Basketball

2003-04 Exquisite Collection Basketball: 78-card set; Issued June 10th, 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per wooden box, SRP $500 per pack; Inserts: Autograph Exquisite Patches, Noble Nameplates, Limited Logos, Scripted Swatches, Exquisite Number Pieces, Exquisite Number, Emblems of Endorsements, All-NBA Access, Extra Exquisite, Extra Exquisite Duals, Exquisite Triple Patches, Exquisite Quad Patches, Exquisite Foursomes

The Upper Deck Company has a reputation as innovators in the collectibles industry and this year they have broken new ground again by introducing the industry’s first $500 per pack product with the debut of 2004 Exquisite Basketball. This one of a kind product is geared toward the serious collector looking for unique cards of today's past, present and future stars. With every card in the product serial numbered, collectors are sure to get rare cards to add to their collection.

The 78-card set features a plethora of rookie cards and superstars in game-winning form. A total of 42 NBA stars appear in the regular set that features the classy, cutting edge design collectors have come to expect from Upper Deck. All the cards in the regular set are numbered to 225 with gold and rainbow sets numbered to 25 and 1 to add chase. A 36-card rookie subset features autographed patch cards from this years highflying draft class like Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. These highly collectible cards, which are all serial numbered, also have multiple parallel versions to add that extra excitement for the collector when pulled.

"This is one of the most highly anticipated products we’ve ever done," says basketball product manager, Karvin Cheung. "2004 Exquisite Collection Basketball is a great representation of Upper Deck’s effort as innovators to continually push the envelope in the collectibles industry."

2004 Exquisite Collection Basketball offers collectors a wide range of unique one-of-a-kind memorabilia, autograph and combination cards. Hobbyists will have a chance to collect memorabilia from such themes as Extra Exquisite, Extra Exquisite Duals, Exquisite triple patches, Exquisite Quad Patches and Exquisite Foursome to name a few. In addition, they will be able to get their hands on incredible autographs in sets such as Autograph Exquisite Patches, Noble Nameplates and Scripted Swatches. Variations of the inserts sets are sequentially numbered to various levels to add chase. A unique set that collectors are sure to enjoy is the All-NBA Access Pass Patches insert cards. These 1 of 1 combination cards feature the NBA logo patches from the jerseys of superstars such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

2004 Exquisite Collection hits the shelves this June with a suggested retail price of $500 per pack. The Subsets and inserts follow:


Autograph Patch cards – delivering a minimum of 1 per box on average

  • Autograph Exquisite Patches – Sequentially numbered to 100
  • Noble Nameplates (Autographed) – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Limited Logos (Autographed) – Sequentially numbered to 75
  • Scripted Swatches (Autographed) – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Exquisite Regular Player Autograph Patch parallel – 1 of 1
  • Exquisite Number Pieces (Autographed) –Sequentially numbered to jersey number
  • Emblems of Endorsements (Autographed) – Sequentially numbered to 15

Autographed Rookie Memorabilia cards – delivering 1 per box on average

  • Exquisite Rookie Memorabilia (level 2-signed) – Sequentially numbered to 225
    • Parallel – Sequentially numbered to jersey number
  • Exquisite Rookie Patches (level 1-signed) – Sequentially numbered to 99
    • Parallel – Sequentially numbered to jersey number
    • More Memorabilia cards – Sequentially numbered to 75 or less
  • All-NBA Access (dual NBA Logoman patches) – 1 of 1
  • Exquisite Regular Player Jersey parallel – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Exquisite Regular Player Patch parallel – Sequentially numbered to 10
  • Extra Exquisite (Oversize Jersey Swatches) – Sequentially numbered to 75
  • Extra Exquisite Duals – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Exquisite Triple Patches – Sequentially numbered to 10
  • Exquisite Quad Patches – Sequentially numbered to 3
  • Exquisite Foursomes (Quad Patches) – Sequentially numbered to 10

Rookie Parallel cards

  • Exquisite Rookie Gold parallel – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Exquisite Rookie Rainbow parallel – Sequentially numbered to 1

Regular cards and Parallels

  • Regular Player cards – Sequentially numbered to 225
  • Regular Player Gold parallel – Sequentially numbered to 25
  • Regular Player Rainbow parallel – Sequentially numbered to 1

Source: The Upper Deck Co, LLC
Date: June 11, 2004

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