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Wacky Packages is Back to Entertain a New - & Old - Generation

Pop Culture Icon Returns to Spoof Today’s Products

Martha Skewered Wacky Package Sticker Every kid who grew up in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s remembers Wacky Packages — a true phenomenon, which made fun of everyday household products. And now the pop culture icon is back! The Topps Company is pleased to announce that the all-new Wacky Packages releases nationwide this week.

In Topps "wacky" world, Gutterade is the "Lemon-Slime Sewer Water — Fetid, Foul & Fluoridated" ... Sneakers, which "tastes like old gym shoes," spoofs a candy bar of a similar name and Dead Bull is the "No Energy Drink that drains body and mind". And there’s much more such as My Little Phony, Mean Cuisine, Scrapple and Who Cares Bears? In all, 55 wacky parody stickers appear in the all-new series.

"With last year’s successful comeback of our Garbage Pail Kids and the public’s strong appetite for ‘retro’ merchandise, the timing feels right to re-launch one of our most successful editorial franchises ever," says Ira Friedman, V.P./New Product Development & Publishing.

Topps even makes fun of its own brands in the new series. The company’s Ring Pop lollipop is presented as Bling Pup, "the jewelry candy for flashy lil’ dogs!" as well as parodies of its Push Pop and Baby Bottle Pop. Each 6-sticker pack of Wacky Packages carries a 99-cent SRP.

"We’re tickling kids’ funny bones with a unique collectible for just 99 cents a pack. Show me a better deal anywhere and I’ll eat a box of Frosted Snakes!" added Friedman.

While kids are expected to be the primary customers, Topps is aware of the huge following from the passionate baby boomer collectors, many of whom are actively on the internet buying, trading and chatting about Wacky Packages. For the web-savvy fans, Topps has created, which will debut shortly. And collectors will even have an opportunity to bid on original Wacky Packages Artwork (old & new) such as the legendary "Crust" piece during a high-profile auction taking place on

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: June 15, 2004

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