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Showing Fleer's Flair

Paul Pierce Autographed Card Following the success of 2004 Flair MLB will be the highly anticipated 2003-04 Flair Final Edition NBA set, complete with a roster of over 75 players’ signatures, actual NBA Draft Day Memorabilia pieces and plenty of items that will have collectors clamoring for more Flair!

Flair is bringing the excitement of Draft Day right into your home, literally!! Found inside Flair NBA will be a card redeemable for NBA Draft Day Memorabilia, a one-of-a-kind framed piece you need to see to believe. Fleer has taken the actual items used in the 2003 Lottery Selection and the 2003 NBA Draft and framed them together to make a true one of one piece. Each framed piece will have the lottery ping pong ball and the team logo placard from the Lottery Selection show, along with the player’s name and team logo placard from the actual 2003 NBA Draft.

"With Draft Day Memorabilia, we have developed a truly innovative trading card memorabilia program that has never been seen before," said Fleer spokesman Joshua Perlman. "We feel that this type of program offers collectors pieces of history that are usually unattainable to the general fan."

Flair Final Edition NBA does not stop with Draft Day Memorabilia. That is just tip-off! Each one-pack box will contain 12 basketball cards that will include at least one (1) autographed card numbered to 200 or less, three (3) game-worn memorabilia cards numbered to 250 or less, and one rookie numbered to 799.

You want All-Star autographs? You’ve got them! Continuing to offer some of the best NBA player signatures around, Flair features autographs from some of the biggest names in the game. Players featured include: Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, Tracy McGrady, Reggie Miller, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce and more! Over 75 players are signing for Flair and are featured throughout the set.

Flair will also debut Letterman, which are game-worn memorabilia cards featuring each letter from the player’s nameplate as true one of one cards! Own a card with the complete letter from a Steve Francis jersey. Or how about the letter "N" from a Tim Duncan jersey? How about owning eight one of one cards that spell Nowitzki? Collectors won’t want to miss out on this special opportunity.

When it comes down to numbers Flair will not disappoint. It is worth mentioning again that no autographed card will be numbered to more than 200. Also, keep your eyes open for autographs numbered to just 10! As for game-worn cards, numbering will not exceed 250 and there are even dual and patch versions numbered to just one. Throughout the entire product, there are over 225 one of one Masterpiece cards, including autographs and game-worn patch memorabilia cards!

Source: Fleer/SkyBox International LP
Date: June 15, 2004

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