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Bowman Autographed Rookie Cards in Red

Topps announces that each of the Autographed Rookie Cards in 2004 Bowman Baseball Home of the Rookie Card features a red ink variation, which is limited to just 25 per subject. The checklist includes:

166     Rudy Guillen       Yankees
167     Bobby Brownlie     Chicago Cubs
168     Conor Jackson      Arizona Diamondbacks
169     Matt Moses         Minnesota Twins
170     Ervin Santana      Anaheim Angels
171     Merkin Valdez      San Francisco Giants
172     Erick Aybar        Anaheim Angels
173     Brad Sullivan      Oakland Athletics
174     David Aardsma      San Francisco Giants
175     Brad Snyder        Cleveland Indians

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: June 17, 2004

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