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Cooperstown Collection Action Figure Feature Online Unveils Baseball Legends Extravaganza

One of the McFarlane Companies' proudest announcements of 2004 came when we unveiled -- with all due flourishes -- our first sports legends lineup: the Cooperstown Collection.

This initial series of legendary baseball players from several eras of the game is simply stunning both in the breadth and depth of the players selected to the detail with which they were sculpted. This first lineup consists of:

  • Bob Gibson, St. Louis Cardinals, pitcher, No. 45, sculpted in his now-classic post-delivery pose, glove hand high and falling toward first base.
  • Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles third baseman, No. 5, sculpted making one of his typical plays: Gobbling up a liner at third.
  • Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers, pitcher, No. 34, sculpted in his pre-delivery pose, leg kicked high and getting ready to unleash some ungodly heat toward the plate.
  • Yogi Berra, New York Yankees, catcher, No. 8, sculpted crouched in the on-deck circle with two outs. He's wearing his shin guards just in case the batter makes the third out and he has to get behind the plate.
  • Tom Seaver, New York Mets, pitcher, No. 41, sculpted in his delivery pose, in full stretch throwing the overhand heat.
  • Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees, outfield, No. 44, sculpted in his classic post-home run swing, wide-legged and watching the ball disappear.

The folks at have gone the extra mile -- or taken the extra base, if you will -- to dig deeper into the Cooperstown Collection before its release. We present to you: The Cooperstown Collection online feature.

In this feature, you'll get plenty of new artwork of each figure in the series, figure specs, QuickTime VRs and much, much more.

Our initial Cooperstown Collection is due to hit stores in July, so enjoy the online feature while you're waiting for these sluggers to land on the shelves. Click here for the feature.


Source: and Todd McFarlane Productions
Date: June 25, 2004

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