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Collectors Universe & Warehouse Auction Centers Help Collectors Sell on eBay

Collectors Universe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLCT), the leading provider of value-added grading and authentication services to dealers and collectors of high-end collectibles, announced that it's agreement is now effective with Warehouse Auction Centers, a collectibles sales company that helps people conveniently consign and auction their items online through eBay.

Warehouse Auction Centers solicits individuals and dealers to send collectibles for sale on eBay, pre-screens and sorts the collectibles, then in accordance with the agreement, has the collectibles examined for certification of authenticity and grading by experts from Collectors Universe, Inc., before posting an online auction.

"Sellers usually get more money if their collectibles are certified for authenticity and graded in addition to being sold by a company of substance which has significant knowledge in the collectibles marketplace. Warehouse Auction Centers submits the auction items to Collectors Universe for expert opinions on their authenticity and state of preservation," said Michael Edell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Warehouse Auction Centers, Inc.

Collectors Universe's Chief Executive Officer Michael Haynes explained that the Company has an interest in assisting eBay-oriented companies. "The services of Collectors Universe significantly enhance Internet transactions, and eBay is one of the largest Internet venues. eBay reports that collectibles are key contributors to its growth. The extension of eBay through the business concept of the 'drop-off store' seems to be growing and we are pleased to support its growth by providing improved liquidity to the collectible items."

Warehouse Auction Centers is located at 826 Calle Plano, Camarillo, California.

For additional information, contact Warehouse Auction Centers at (818) 865-0617 or by e-mail at Web site

Source: Collectors Universe, Inc.
Date: July 1, 2004

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