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Upper Deck Entertainment Spins New Marvel Trading Card Game Expansion Set 'Web of Spider-Man'

‘Web of Spider-Man’ Expansion Set to be Released in September; Sneak Preview Tournaments Across the U.S. on September 11 & 12

Spinning out another amazing addition to the highly successful Marvel Trading Card Game, Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) is pleased to release the newest expansion set in the series -- the Web of Spider-Man. This spectacular 165-card set, which was previewed in the recently released Spider Man vs. Doc Ock starter set, will be released in hobby stores nationwide in September.

The Web of Spider-Man set features Spider-Friends, such as Black Cat™, Daredevil™, Punisher™, Firestar™, Iceman™, and The Scarlet Spider™; and the Sinister Syndicate™, which includes a mix of Super Villains, and the Sinister Six™, featuring the likes of Mysterio™, Carnage™, Venom™, Scorpion™, Green Goblin™ and Electro™.

Additionally, the set will introduce new cards that will change the metagame such as Emma Frost, Madripoor, Marvel’s First Family, Mimic and Sentinel Mark III; and Evasion – which allows characters to have more tactical attacking and defending choices during combat.

In the Marvel TCG, each player begins the game with 50 endurance points, which represent the overall strength of that player’s team of heroes. The object of the game is to reduce your opponent’s endurance to zero.

The Vs. System -- Upper Deck Entertainment’s new and unique game engine designed specifically to support Super Heroes™ in traditional one-on-one competition -- retains excitement in multiplayer play, and is designed to support sealed-pack and booster draft formats. Development of the game included testing by top professional TCG players from around the world to ensure that the Vs. System is carefully balanced for high-level competition, as well as casual play.

Marvel TCG fans can test their skills at the second $1 million Pro Circuit stop at So Cal Gen Con in December in Anaheim. Additionally, Marvel TCG fans can get a preview of the upcoming set one week before its release in the new Web of Spider-Man Sneak Preview tournaments on Saturday and Sunday, September 11 & 12. The preview tournaments will be held across the U.S, where top finishers will win booster pack prizes and special extended art cards. Details on locations and times can be found on

Upper Deck Entertainment utilizes Marvel's classic character library to create a special line of trading cards games that showcases the legendary characters in skillfully drawn renderings. Each card features artwork by names in the industry.

Source: The Upper Deck Co, LLC
Date: September 2, 2004

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