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Clubhouse Collection Includes Short Prints

Topps announces that several base cards in 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection Baseball are short printed. The product, the first of its kind, includes 154 base-cards which all feature a piece of game-used bat, jersey or pants. The short prints are as follows:

BL Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds 200
BZ Barry Zito Oakland Athletics 230
BF Brad Fullmer Texas Rangers 200
CD Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays 200
CST Casey Stengel New York Yankees 217
CL Chris Lubanski Kansas City Royals 209
CPA Corey Patterson Chicago Cubs 267
DP Dave Parker Cincinnati Reds 292
DL Derek Lowe Boston Red Sox 200
EM Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves 174
EMA Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners 200
EA Edgardo Alfonzo San Francisco Giants 286
EH Estee Harris New York Yankees 206
FV Fernando Valenzuela Los Angeles Dodgers 288
GC Gary Carter New York Mets 221
HA Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 113
HN Hideo Nomo Los Angeles Dodgers 207
JR Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers 262
JH James Houser Tampa Bay Devil Rays 182
JV Javier Vazquez New York Yankees 283
JS Jay Sborz Detroit Tigers 176
JB Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros 200
JKE Jeff Kent Houston Astros 200
JBU Jeremy Burnitz Colorado Rockies 208
JCA Joe Carter San Diego Padres 259
JF Jonathan Fulton Florida Marlins 200
JP Jorge Posada New York Yankees 264
JVI Jose Vidro Montreal Expos 275
JPB Josh Beckett Florida Marlins 195
KG Ken Griffey Jr. Cincinnati Reds 200
KB Kevin Brown New York Yankees 168
MR Manny Ramirez Boston Red Sox 207
MRI Mariano Rivera New York Yankees 239
MH Mickey Hall Boston Red Sox 217
OHU Orlando Hudson Toronto Blue Jays 200
PM Pedro Martinez Boston Red Sox 200
RP Rafael Palmeiro Baltimore Orioles 200
RS Richie Sexson Arizona Diamondbacks 200
SL Steve Lerud Pittsburgh Pirates 213
VW Vernon Wells Toronto Blue Jays 200
WB Wade Boggs Tampa Bay Devil Rays 250
WF Whitey Ford New York Yankees 296
WS Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates 200

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: September 8, 2004

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