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Press Pass® Optima Doubles in Size and Content with an Expanded Base Set of 100 Cards

As the final 2004 Press Pass brand, Press Pass Optima has gained a reputation for providing collectors with informative content about their favorite driver's activities and interests away from the race track, in addition to how they are gearing up for the Chase for the NEXTEL Cup. This year, Press Pass Optima 2004 features an expanded base set of 100 cards that include all new subsets such as NASCAR Pets, Charity Spotlight, and Celebrity Profile that give race fans a glimpse at the men behind the machines.

Press Pass Optima 2004 Ryan Newman Racing Card

In addition to an expanded base set, Press Pass Optima 2004 boasts a generous amount of memorabilia and autographs. The Press Pass Signings autograph program features over 70 different drivers, including the first autographs from NASCAR Busch Series brilliant rookie and points leader, Martin Truex Jr. (1:84 hobby, 1:144 retail). After a successful debut, the Press Pass Signings Contest returns in 2004 providing the opportunity for one lucky winner to receive an entire set of 2004 Press Pass Signings autograph cards. There are unique hobby and retail versions of Thunder Bolts, the popular double sided race-used lugnut cards (1:168 hobby, 1:240 retail). The Signature Series Thunder Bolts, autographed and sequentially numbered to each driver's door number, feature a stellar line-up of driver's including the first and only 2004 Signature Series cards of Kasey Kahne. Collectors can also look forward to finding NASCAR Busch Series memorabilia cards. Top Prospect race-used memorabilia cards feature the first ever memorabilia cards from the future stars of NASCAR. Originally debuting in Press Pass Trackside 2004, there are four different types of memorabilia cards to collect, with the race-used glove and race-used shoe cards exclusive to Press Pass Optima 2004 (1:98, hobby only).

"Press Pass Optima 2004 offers collectors a great mix of content and value," stated Heather Maillard, associate product manager for Press Pass, a division of RC2 (NASDAQ: RCRC). "With an expanded base set and a wide variety of autograph and memorabilia cards to chase, each pack of Press Pass Optima promises fun and collectiblity.

In addition to an expanded base set, autographs, and memorabilia, there are several exciting inserts to collect, including the latest installment in the Dale Earnhardt Gallery Series - "The Man Behind The Mask". Product release is slated for October 20th.

Source: RC2 Corporation
Date: October 20, 2004

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