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Topps Pristine Goes Old School

2005 Topps Pristine Baseball Legends Edition George Brett Card What did you get when you fuse the unique pack opening experience of TOPPS PRISTINE with some of the greatest to ever step on the diamond? The answer is 2005 TOPPS PRISTINE BASEBALL LEGENDS EDITION.

The Pack in a Pack in a Pack has gone old school! From Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb to Jimmie Foxx, Tris Speaker, Stan Musial and Jackie Robinson, Pristine Legends is loaded!

And not just the legendary names, relics, autographs and parallels drive this content-rich release, but 2004 Pristine Legends combines 50+ years of classic Topps designs and photography (even College, Negro League and Little League photography) with todays cutting edge technology to make this product legendary. Now for the breakdown.

Whats in pack # 1? One of the following encased:

100 Legends Refractor (sequentially #d)
25 Legends Refractor (#d to 199) College Photography. Includes Ozzie, Bo & Reggie
10 Legends Refractor (#d to 99) Negro League Photography. Includes Paige, Banks& Josh Gibson
5 Legends Refractor (#d to 25) Little League Photography. Includes Brett, Ryan & Gary Carter
27 Valuable Performance Refractor Relic (#d to 25 or 1) Includes Ruth, Aaron, Clemente & Honus
29 Leading Indicators Refractor Relic (#d to 25 or 1) Cobb, Foxx & Yaz
25 Title Threads Refractor Relic (#d to 25 or 1) Jackie, Cepeda & Mize
31 Personal Endorsements Autographs Gold (#d to 25) Ryan, Musial & Ripken

Pack # 2 - One of the following:

27 Valuable Performance Relic
29 Leading Indicators Relic
25 Title Threads Relic
140 Pristine Printing Plates

Pack # 3 - Six of the following:

100 Legends
25 Legends (#d to 1999)
10 Legends (#d to 999)
5 Legends (#d to 499)
140 (All-New) SuperFractors (1 of 1)
31 Personal Endorsements (1 per box)

And a

Box topper (1 per box)
140 Die-Cut Gold Refractor (sequentially numbered)

2005 Topps Pristine Baseball Legends Edition ships February 7th and each pack in a pack in a pack carries a $30 SRP.

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: October 22, 2004

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