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Dart Flipcards Announces New Name, New Game at 26th National

Dino Frisella, president of James Kat Inc., who produced this year's most novel and successful new trading card, Gemstone Treasures, is pleased to make the following announcement. The company has acquired the Dart Flipcards name. The company name change from James Kat, Inc. to Dart Flipcards World will become effective July 1st, 2005. Along with this acquisition, the company has also purchased Dart’s trade marks, copyrights and all intellectual properties. The new name will better reflect the diverse range of trading card related products the company plans to produce.

This year's National Sports Collectors Convention will witness the company launch its first new product under the Dart Flipcards World banner. What could be better than a new card flipping game with a twist? It is aptly titled, Flipzz. Plans for this year's National include a convention-long card flipping tournament where $10,000.00 in actual prize money will be given away to the winners. A winner will be awarded a prize every hour that the 26th National is open - that’s 28 hours of prizes. There will be special Flipzz tournaments at many of this year's collectibles convention venues. A special dealers tournament has been developed where the top prize is a free booth at next year's National Convention in Anaheim, California.

Each of the hourly Flipzz tournament winners will win $100.00, and be invited back for the Saturday, July 30th High-Noon Flipzz National Championship. First prize in this year's National championship is $2,500.00 with the second place winner receiving $1,000.00, and third place, $500.00.

According to Dart Flipcards World president, Dino Frisella, "We’ve refined an old school yard game, and by updating and giving the new game structure, we’ve once again turned trading cards into a functional toy. This year's Dart Flipcards World booth promises to sparkle with Gemstone Treasures and deliver excitement with the new Flipzz game."

Be sure to visit the Dart Flipcards World booth and challenge them to a game of Knockdowns!

For more information, contact Dino Frisella at (514) 591-0366.

Source: The National
Date: July 5, 2005

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