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Topps Announces Plans for "Turn Back the Clock" Weekend and Card of the Week Program

50th Anniversary Celebration to be One for the Ages

Topps "Turn Back the Clock" Weekend 5 Pack Topps is pleased to announce that September 10th & 11th, NFL's Kick-Off Weekend, has been designated Topps "Turn Back the Clock" Weekend.

On September 10th and 11th, fans and collectors can walk into their local hobby shop and purchase a special pack of Topps 50th Anniversary Football cards for just a NICKEL! That's the same price for a pack of football cards in 1956. The 5 pack will include the first 5 cards of a 22-card set while each card is styled after the 1956 Topps design:

1 of 22 Joe Namath / New York Jets
2 of 22 Joe Montana / San Francisco 49ers
3 of 22 John Elway / Denver Broncos
4 of 22 Brett Favre / Green Bay Packers
5 of 22 Peyton Manning / Indianapolis Colts

How do I get the other 17 cards?

Each and every week following "Turn Back the Clock" weekend, that same hobby shop will have one brand new 50th Anniversary football card from the special 22-card set. And the only way to get the card is if you purchase a pack of any 2005 Topps Football product.

To find out more information, contact your local hobby shop by dialing 1-888-GO-TOPPS or log onto and use the HTA store locator.

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: July 7, 2005

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