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2005 Topps All American Football Announced

2005 Topps All American Football Barry Sanders Card In 1955, Topps produced one of the all-time ultimate football sets - Topps All American Football. The set, which included the greatest college football players of the past and present, featured a classic design and the first cards of many legends. To this day, it continues to be one of the most collected trading card sets in the hobby.

And now, in 2005, Topps is pleased to announce that the Topps All-American set is back! See Barry Sanders as an Oklahoma State Cowboy, Herschel Walker as the dominating running back for Georgia, John Elway of Stanford University, L.T. with the Tar Heels of UNC and a young Joe Montana as quarterback for Notre Dame. Classic college photography fused with one of the greatest trading card designs ever will make for an instant classic.

And making this set even more spectacular, 95 players will be signing their cards (2 per box). There will also be autographed refractor parallels and even co-signer cards matching up two collegiate legends.

Each 6-card pack of 2005 Topps All-American carries a $5 SRP and each 24-pack box guarantees 2 Autographs and 4 sequentially numbered Chrome Parallels. All-American releases the week of December 5th.

Here's the breakdown:

Base Set (100)
Retired football and College legends featured in their college uniforms on the classic 1955 All-American design.

100 Chrome (#'d to 555)
100 Gold Chrome (#'d to 555)
100 Refractor (#'d to 55)
100 Gold Chrome Refractor (#'d to 55)
100 X-Fractor (#'d to 5)
100 Gold X-Fractor (#'d to 5)

95 All-American Autographs
95 All-American Refractor Autographs (#'d to 55)
95 All-American Superfractor Autographs (1of 1)
5 Co-Signers - 5 cards featuring 10 players (#'d) - Montana/Elway, Jim Brown/Gale Sayers
25 50th Anniversary Autographs (#'d)

Elvis Presley of 1955 (#'d)
Elvis Presley of 1955 Chrome (#'d to 25)

Framed Printing Plates
400 Plates (includes 4 plates for 100 players)
380 Autographed Plates (includes 4 plates for 95 players)

Source: The Topps Company, Inc.
Date: September 21, 2005

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